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Laptop Care Tips

Don’t use it directly on the bed or pillows

  • Laptops generate heat. A lot of heat. Processors are more power efficient than ever before, and overall heat has gone down, but a laptop will still become warm to the touch if stressed.This heat must be expelled by a fan, and that fan vent has to be kept clear. If it’s not, the heat has nowhere to go. So it instead hangs out with your laptop’s critical components, and your laptop overheats. Some laptops don’t like to overheat, and sometimes will shut down automatically. But others are real troopers and won’t complain one bit while they are slowly baked to death. If the laptop can’t take in some fresh air because of the holes covered due to the bed or pillow then it will surely starve to death because of that damn heat. These vents are made to keep it cool but no air inside and no circulation of fresh air will harm the laptop and will result into a slow poisoning.

Avoid keeping your laptop always in standby or sleep mode.

  • Don’t keep your laptop in Standby or Sleep mode always. While in sleeping/standby mode laptops still use a little bit of electricity, which drains your battery, forcing you to recharge more often and then reduces battery life span.

Keep adapter/charger wire organized.

  • After using your laptop never keep laptop adapter in bag with twisted or Tangled wires as it increases the changes of damaging the cable. Always make Sure to always fold the cable and tie it with a cable tie comes with Adapters and keep it organized.

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