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Laptop Travel Tips

Quality Laptop Bag with extra padding 

Always keep your laptop in a well padded laptop bag so your laptop will stay safe with bumps and jolts. Try to buy a laptop bag with extra laptop sleeve as that will give your laptop more protection.

Data Backups

In most cases, laptop data is more important to the user then the laptop itself, so it is always good practice to keep your data backup on cloud or any external storage like (USB or DVD ) specially if you are going to travel with your laptop so at least you have your data safe even if your laptop go damage or lost.

Keep information on laptop password protected

Losing your laptop can go more worsen, if you have personal data like Personal Photos, Bank Details, Cards Details or any other sensitive information about personal or official stuff on that laptop and that too without any security or password. So in that case it is always advisable to keep all your sensitive data password protected and encrypted and never keep password stored in laptop itself else that way you are giving easy access to your data.

Use laptop bag only to carry laptop and its gears only

Never keep your water or juices bottles inside or near your laptop bag as by doing that you are increasing chances to damage your laptop.

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