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Tips to increase speed and performance of your laptop or PC

Tips to increase speed and performance of your laptop or PC

Keep your start up clean

Always keep watch on your start up programs as too many programs that run during start up consume lots of RAM. You cannot use your system until all the start up programs are loaded . you simply can disable these programs to load on start up and can manually start them when needed that makes your booting fast and keeps big amount of your ram free.

Remove Unwanted Programs and Software.

Laptop Care Tips

Here are some simple steps to keep your laptop or PC good shape.

1. Keep liquids away from your computer. Most people ruin their keyboard and motherboards by spilling liquid over the laptop accidentally.

2. Keep your laptop vents and fan clean and allow plenty of airflow. If a computer gets too hot, it can fail to work properly. Too much heat makes for a slower running time, if possible use cooling pad as they really help to keep laptop few degrees low temperature

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